Thursday, April 20, 2017

Summer days

Feels like a long time ago but it looks like Spring is here to stay which means Summer is just around the corner!


Monday, April 10, 2017


Found some of these on my phone so they cover the last year or so....

"Can I have your phone when you're dead?"  --Katie 6 yrs

"Why doesn't Uncle Wayne come to our church? Probably he keeps our house safe." Emma 4 yrs

After telling someone that Emma was our little Dutch girl, she piped up, "No, I'm not Dutch; I'm Canadian!"

Emma saw a UPS truck. "Is that a chocolate truck?"

Me: "Emma, look at the view!"  Emma: "Where!? I don't see it!"

Emma askes, "How does God knit us together in a womb?" My explanation follows and she wonders, "So.... God is in our heart AND our bellies?"  More explanation follows including discussing how God makes babies, plants and other things grow.  "Oh, does God make vans?"

While watching the Jungle Book and seeing Shere Kahn. "Is that Tigger? hmmmm.... No." --Emma 4yrs

"What's it like to fall in love? Is it like falling out of bed?" --Emma 4 yrs

Talking about resting on Sunday and honouring God and not doing our regular work. Emma states, "If witches cut their grass on Sunday, that would be bad."

Katie was reading the poem 'That's what Little Girls are made of" and Emma was listening. Emma had to clarify for herself and others, "But not actually, because they grow in Mommy's tummy. I know, because Eleanor did."

Emma had a conundrum when playing house by herself, "But who is going to be my hun?"

"His banana over me-e is lo-ove" Alex singing 'His Banner over Me"

"Oh look! It's inhaling again!"  --Katie when seeing it hail outside.

"Alex, do you see tulips in the garden?"  "No, I only see one lip"

Tuesday, April 04, 2017


I think I get a bunch of pictures like this once or twice a year. They are best friends and worst enemies these two. This was last summer after they had clearly been playing with water.


This girl loves her bath and if she's fussy, I'll stick her in the sink while I work in the kitchen after supper.

Monday, March 20, 2017

It's been a while

I'm finally ready to start blogging again. I think. I've thought about it the last month or so, but until today, I couldn't find the brain space to open it back up again.
The last six months have been difficult and different from what I thought they would look like. Someday I think I'll write about them, but for now, it's still a little too fresh to share.
I'm hoping to blog regularly again and continue chronicling our lives and the ups and downs thereof. It's hard to not feel like I've neglected my children's memories by neglecting this blog, but paper journalling and some instagram have documented life in a different way. I know I need to ease back into blogging and not over pressure myself, so there may be some longer stretches again. We'll take it day by day.

But for now, here are a few pictures of life over the last six months.

Mom & Dad Kattenberg came for a visit in September. It was lovely to have them again and we so enjoy spending time with them.  

 We went to a Blue Jay's game with my brother and his wife.
 This boy has done a ton of growing in the last six months, inches I tell you.
Delish baby
 My girls. I love how similar and yet different they all are.
Melts me.
 My parents have always been amazing and helpful, but especially so over the past six months. Support and love and tons of babysitting for all my appointments.
Crazy how pictures can hide so much. Looking back at this, I see much you can hide by faking a smile.
 Early morning, sunrise walk at Pearce park in November.
 Our Em, she has such eyes.
My supper helper 5 out of 7 evenings.
Waiting for Sinter Klass.  See the boots with "hay"?
 This girl has been a delight and a ray of sunshine on dark days.
 Emma is five! The only smiling picture I had, and excuse the pizza remains on her face. She may be five, but she eats like she's two sometimes.
 We went out on a date day, the whole day. First time in years...
 First tooth lost!
More warm weather!
 And Katie turned seven. She was thrilled with her grown up presents: earrings, a "complicated" colouring book, a scarf and other items had her in raptures.
I started on a quilt for Alex's bed.
 This was February, I think? It was 20 degrees that day!

 Katie chopped her hair!

So pretty

Seriously, this girl is pretty much an angel. She is so patient and easy going and hardly makes a peep. We love her, indeed.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Cousin fun

Dexter came and spent a few days at our house in July. Here are a "few" (haha) pictures of the kids all playing outside one afternoon.


 Just sittin here....
 ....and fallin over.....